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    My build for the 8th and final round of the Rogue Olympics, using 101 parts exactly. This week's theme was “Upside Down”. I had very little time to build this week, but I'm glad I managed to at least get something together for the final round. It's been a very fun contest, but I'm definitely looking forward to building without a parts limit again!


    The 101 parts:


    My build for round 6 of the RogueOlympics. After seeing the category for this week was 'Nature' I decided to try my hand at another bird – something I’ve only done once before, but have wanted to try again for a while now. I ended up using 101 parts total.


    The 101 parts:


    My build for week 4 of the RogueOlympics. I had so many ideas for this category, I honestly spent more time debating on what to make (and even started on a few other ideas) than I did actually putting this together! It was a lot of fun experimenting with the mirror for the photography here – it’s something I’ve seen several other builders do, and I’ve always wanted to try it myself. Then I came across this piece of concept art, and decided to go for it. There are certainly some things I would try to improve if I had more time/parts, but overall I’m fairly pleased with the outcome. The build ended up using 88 parts.


    The parts used:



    Love this! Looks like a scene from a movie. I've never seen the arch parts before :D

    Thanks! Yeah, I only recently got some of them myself. Looking forward to seeing how else I can use them :)


    An intriguing scene for sure!

    Thank you!


    That's what i thought too! Didn't even think about it being an RO entry at first, which is a compliment in my eyes, it totally works as some kind of forced perspective adventurous movie scene. The arch design is great but my favourite parts are those big trees/vines in the foregorund! Amazing composition overall John!

    But pls tell us: Where did you use the big green part?:D

    Thank Marcel, glad to hear you like it! The big green part was really just the first piece I happened to come across that was a couple bricks high, and heavy enough to not fall over when I put a branch on it :D

    This wasn't quite the final setup for the photo, but it does show where the green part was used.

    Thanks Markus! Combining system and Bionicle is something I'd really like to play around with more in the future, there are lots of interesting parts to experiment with. And I've definitely been trying to work on my presentation recently, though there's still so much I have to learn!

    As for the barrels, it does kind of look that way, doesn't it... :saint: :D

    My contribution for week 3 of the RogueOlympics. Unlike my last entry, this one uses exactly 101 parts. I had a bit of a hard time deciding what to build this week, but once I came up with the arch design here, I knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow. The rest of the scene was inspired by a few pieces of concept art I found. I also experimented with a photography technique I’ve seen Kosbrick use – instead of editing in the background, which would have been trickier than usual due to the out of focus elements at the front, I printed off a picture and placed it behind the build. It’s definitely something I would like to play around with more in the future, as I think it could work well in a variety of situations.


    The parts used:

    I'm very excited to be participating in the Rogue Olympics this year! I’ve wanted to play around more with character builds and our (very limited) Bionicle parts for a while now, especially after going back to look at many of Brickthing’s works. Starting off with something large seemed a bit daunting though, so I figured it would be perfect to keep it under 101 parts and use it for the RogueOlympics – yet another thing I’ve been wanting to build for. I wasn’t counting parts as I was building this guy, so I was a little nervous if I would stay under the 101 piece limit. But as it turns out, the whole build ended up only being 68 parts! Guess I could have added some more. Ah well, I had a lot of fun with it, and that’s the important thing :D

    Gnepnug wanders the wilderness searching for rare herbs and plants with his small companion Rolli. While a timid pair that certainly don't seek out danger, they've stumbled into more than their share of adventure during their journeys!


    The parts used: