Welcome to RogueBricks!

In the following, we'll explain the most important pillars of our community. Since our forum is built on a very personal structure, it is all the more important to consider these points when actively participating and to have read them at least once.

Thank you very much in advance!

The Team

Structure of the team:
Admin -> Moderators -> Section Moderators

Special Tasks:
Ambassador, Public Relations, Organization

General Team Task:
Team members are responsible for maintaining structural and content-related order in the forum (e.g. moving topics to the correct subforums), ensuring compliance with our guidelines, and mediating disputes between users.

General Guidelines

Posts in Forum and Gallery

The top priority on RogueBricks is a friendly tone, which is of course influenced by personal opinions.

Generally, these opinions should always be justified. This also automatically ensures that your posts are not just 1-2 lines long (spam posts) and are enjoyable for other users to read.

You should also pay attention to your spelling and grammar, use a moderate number of smileys in your text, and avoid double posts – for this purpose, it's best to use the "Edit" function.

Content Restrictions

RogueBricks is a platform for exchanging ideas about LEGO and related topics. We are a meeting point for fans of all ages and want to shape our content accordingly. Therefore, any posts of a political, religious, or sexual nature – as well as generally harmful content – have no place in a LEGO forum and will be removed without warning.

In addition, we ask that threads be kept "clean", i.e. even if a previous poster has deviated from the (original) topic, in the interest of clarity, you should continue your response / discussion privately or in a more appropriate section of our site. If you are unsure where, the team is happy to answer questions.


RogueBricks is a pure LEGO community, where there is no place for plagiarism (pirated copies). Please discuss relevant topics or questions in other forums.

Posts dealing with plagiarism will be removed without comment.

Handling of Leaks


  • Uploading or linking to leaked LEGO images, especially images with Confidential or Preliminary tags, is not allowed for legal reasons.
  • As long as an official embargo exists, no links to corresponding external sites may be posted.


In the gallery, only albums on the subject of LEGO or related areas are welcome.
Only images for which the necessary image rights are available may be uploaded.

Harassment, Spam, and Advertising

It is not allowed to advertise external websites or products in the forum or directly to users, unless the member concerned has expressly requested this.

Advertising products or content that are not related to LEGO or the interests of the forum is generally not permitted.


Your signature should stay within the following limits:

  • Max. 6 lines of normal text (= not changed in font size) or
  • Max. one 200 pixel high image and 3 additional lines of normal text).
  • Videos are not allowed.

Signatures that are too long will be shortened by the team.


Please refer to the separate classifieds rules for this.


If you have problems with another user, moderators should be involved in the conversation. Provocative behavior or insults are not appropriate reactions.

Procedure for Violations

Initially, newcomers will be supervised by the team and made aware of any misconduct through hints.

In the case of regular or more serious violations, a moderator may issue warnings. In case of repeated warnings or serious disregard for the rules, penalty points may be awarded.

In the event of negative developments and extreme violations, we reserve the right at any time to involve conspicuous members in a personal conversation with the team, to temporarily revoke their writing rights, or, if necessary, to use blocking or deleting the account. However, we always strive to avoid these drastic measures.

The team reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines, but not without notifying the forum in a timely manner.

By using the services of RogueBricks, members agree to these rules.