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    Congratulations to the winners! Deserved first three places. :thumbup:

    The creations were insanely good, all these ideas, the use of particles .. Grateful for 8th place and that I was able to be a part of this great competition.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me your vote.

    I will join again next year! ;)

    Thanks also to the organizing team!

    Keep up the good work :thumbup:

    Greetings from Slovenia



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    Hvala vsem. joh lie , Felix-the-Builder , Rauy .

    Very nice comments. : thumb up:

    Confirmation that I am doing the right thing.

    I’ve always preferred analog photography more than digital photography. Photography is a moment in time captured in an image. I’d rather edit a scene before I take a photo than edit an image afterwards. Even if it didn’t work out the best, it’s always unique.

    Thanks YgrekLego !:)

    I’m glad someone is following my builds. Very nice comment.:thumbup:

    The background really makes a dynamic picture. Im happy to decide to make it this way. I did it! :thumbup:

    Hello Rogues!

    As I started this Rogue travel with a figure, I will also finish it with a figure. 8th)

    I have always been interested in the idea of time travel.

    There are a lot of theories about it, a lot of pictures and nowhere is there any solid proof that this is possible ... or? :evil:

    Maybe somewhere a crazy cleaver scientist invented a machine, maybe powerfull umbrella for such a trip. Maybe it's possible..

    For the 8th round I present you Time Traveler!

    Equipped with watches for various time jumps, energy umbrella and a suitcase for personal accessories flies through time and space!8th)

    Since I'm not a big fan of digital image editing, I made the background myself with a bit of cardboard and paint, and hung the Time Traveler on a thin string that is very little visible in the photo itself. It was interesting to take photos as the creation was constantly spinning and moving.

    i used 92 parts

    I am very happy to have been a part of this Rogue travel!

    It was an incredibly interesting 8 weeks!

    Keep on with this Rogues!:thumbup:

    Hello Rogue and happy birthday!

    Since the rogue is preparing a party for the 5th anniversary, of course, a big cake is also needed!

    The cake cart was left unguarded. It is rumored that it is full of gold, so our rogue Erazem decides to blow it up and also gets a piece of cake for himself.

    Once rogue always rogue :evil:

    We all want a piece of Rogue cake for ourselves;)

    i used 92 parts

    brick on!

    ;):thumbup:thanks Isaac_S.

    He came for revenge:evil:

    I have 3 diferent foot desing, thisone looks the best,and have smallest amount of pices. :thumbup:

    Here is my creation for 6.round;)

    At the beginning, I had no idea what to build.

    The original idea was karate impulse kick .. Then came the idea of fun punches.

    Many pictures of carnivals show Hi-Striker as a game for the strongest. With the help of a hammer, you hit a lever that sends the puck high up the ladder.

    If you're strong enough to ring the bell, you win! 8th)

    Our boxer doesn't need a hammer, he got big impulse, and fast puck will take away the rocket's bell!:D

    i used 100 parts

    i hope u like it:thumbup: