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    Not only is it early, there are also loads of new parts available.

    But I knew i should have waited to see what you found. I forgot about the pigeon. :( I did find a FL.Y Orange sausage and that new plant from Neville Longbottom. Als
    o metallic 1x8 tiles are finally available. Techcnic 1L pin connectors in Pearl Gold, and a bunch of other less interesting stuff.

    I think films and comics are just most relatable to people, especially for a decade they might only remember through those mediums. If I still find some time to make a small model, it will probably not be affiliated with any franchise, so you are not alone.

    I like how the Dark Orange on the Gundam has a satin glow in the photo, it reminds me of the cheap 80's battery operated toys, Very sleek and retro design style, great use of the ccbs armour.

    The cube bot's colour scheme is my favourite part, that ochre background gives me a Star Treky feel, the Flame Orange eye with the trim works so well there. Also a great symbiosis of curved elements with that half-module indentation. Not sure how useful those arms would be in that location, but that just makes it cuter and funnier which I suppose was the intention. Also plus points for variety.

    I like how you used backlighting to get a black silhouette of the next model.

    I must not be purist enough, I thought double sided tape and Blu tack were just photography tools, especially if have to do animation.

    That's some cool part use and the flight pose contributes to the whole effect.

    Not really fair to be picky around stability since about 95% of the builds in that contest are in ldd where bricks can just hang in the air and no one would know.


    Do you mean the same part that I mentioned (2x2 tile with bracket)?
    What do you mean you spotted it too late?
    I think those are the parts for 2019?

    Is there any way to get them yet?

    I do not think there is a half plate increment in this part ...

    Yes, that's the one, no way to get them yet, I just dismissed Minecraft sets before properly looking at the images.

    You are right though, if the plate is really in the centre, there is no half-plate increment, in fact it should be in the middle, that is the only way we get something that can't be replicated using 33909 2x2 tile with 2 studs. I wonder if it makes an appearance in the new modular.

    I am seriously doubting my sorting system lately.
    Although it works fine, and sorting out sets and mocs is super quick once my brain knows where each lot is, I think each colour should be in a separate drawer and have for example white plates in all sizes, white bricks in all sizes, etc instead of one lot in all colours. :/ eh, but name one person who did it right from the first try.

    I use Ikea's Helmer drawers because they are relatively cheap, made of metal, modular and unlikely to go out of sale. I am not a fan of any transparent containers because of UV light and aesthetics. I use advent calendar inserts and modiffied Ikea Antonius inserts.

    Bulk lots are dumped into large Ikea Klamtare boxes that fit under my bed. I don't often need a 1000 of something under my reach and no need to clutter my work space.

    Thanks guys. ranghaal, I haven't put the two together, but now I have, glad to be in good company.

    Hi Ben, missed you in Skb this year, no objection to beer from me.

    Jonas, I might have been in Slovenia in March, well I think I was, are you the talented Austrian guy who made that cool americana diorama with the bikes and garages?

    I am Sven from Croatia's only existing rlug Kockice and an aspiring member of the New Elementary writing team.
    I build random, themeless stuff with bricks, (or stones as Google translate interprets Steine).
    In search of a LEGO fan group that might be a closer fit to my interests, I thought I might go rogue and fulfill my desire to interact and talk about bricks in a more technical sense than what I can squeeze out from my local lug's member pool (don't tell our ambassador I said that :P)

    Anyway, I already know some of you, mostly from Skaerbaek the past two years. Unfortunately, my German vocabulary doesn't span further from Schnitzel mit Spätzle, but Markus asures me you don't mind English blabbers here.