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    Thanks guys!

    Marcel, crest is the word.

    Niklas, wow! The similarities are striking. And I never played the game or saw this guy... Don't know whether it's funny or embarassing. ^^

    Taking a break from Gundam with this robot, a cute little wind-up toy. What it lacks in articulation it makes up for in character.

    This model is dedicated to the guys at Build Better Bricks. If don't know them, go check them out because they rock.

    (the picture is a link to a short video with 360° views of various poses)

    Join in on the fun and see what other people have built so far in the Flickr group.

    See you next Monday!

    Continuing with another Gundam mobile suit:

    (the picture is a link to a short video with 360° views of various poses)

    See you next Monday!

    Thanks, Ben!

    Btw, Marcel, I've just discovered an elegant solution to the friction problem. You know the 2x3 light bricks that have their own batteries? They come with those small pieces of plastic you need to pull out in order for the lights to work. Well, I used those, one per socket, and it works like a charm. It doesn't seem like stressing the bricks yet the friction is significantly improved.

    Thanks, Marcel.

    The turret balls are actually a bad solution for any joint that carries the weight of more than a few smaller bricks. The friction is very low so it is hard to pose them or get them to stay where you want and not where gravity wants to pull them, especially if you want to film rotation on a turntable; the vibrations don't help one bit! The angles aren't all that great either, so you don't get as much as you would with a standard ball joint. For this model I had to attach each shoulder ball to another joint (Technic pins) in order to work around this problem. Attaching the ball to another (proper) ball joint would be even better but there was no room because of the cannons. Even with all that, I simply had to use them in this model because they were the perfect solution to replicate the looks of the RX-77-2's shoulders. They are what I based my model around and they determined the scale; however, if looks are not what you are going for, I wouldn't recommend them.


    I tried cheating with inserting a rubber band in the socket, but because the balls are split in two parts, there was not enough room to squeeze the second half in. I guess using stickers on the passive half of the ball (the one that sits idly in the socket) could work, but I don't have any stickers to spare for the purpose and I'm not sure how many layers it would take for the desired effect.

    Some of you may have already seen the trailer...

    The first in the series is a classic Gundam mobile suit:

    (the picture is a link to a short video with 360° views of various poses)

    See you next Monday!

    Hi everyone,

    the God of Brick (aka Markus or something similar, I think) recruited me one pleasant night in Skærbæk after not-poisoning him with traditional Croatian food... so here we are now. Thank Them (majestic plural) later.

    I already met and am friends with quite a number of Rouge Bricks members (during April anyway). Now I am also a member of this cool RLUG, although I've already had a RB T-shirt for quite some time (two days, at least).

    Please don't check out my Flickr, because I haven't built much the past two years, but apparently They are working on it (this being the first step of my return to the real life).

    I'm looking forward to sharing my future builds with you.



    Marcos... I mean... the God of Brick will not reply to this topic.

    ...or will They?