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    Hi Guys, I'm thinking about going as wel..
    (Husband is doing his Ambassador thing for the BeLUG members in the morning in we are there anywayz.)

    But don't know really what to expect / anticipate for..


    Finally, I've received the last important elements from LEGO itself so my bauble is now finally finished. I hope my match will like it.

    Its my first online 'contest' I took part in and it was fun. On Friday my bauble will begin its journey, so maybe next week it will hang in your x-mas tree.

    Many X-mas greets


    Scorch : Updated my signature with both instagram & flickr.
    Micka is my lovely Border Collie..and Zazzles is our zazzy black cat!

    I don't have that many awesome pictures yet..gotta work on that though :D

    modestolus : maybe we should draft a few advent calendars. so you can have more ;-)

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Inge. I 'm living in Belgium with my husband and our two pets Micka en Zazzles. 6 years ago I was stupid enough to buy a little Star Wars set for my then boyfriend-now husband and so it began.

    You can find me building miniland scale things & Disney things..

    At one of the fanweekends, i got in touch with Rolli, Modestolus and Legopard. I heard so much about Rogue Bricks, I decided to join.. I'm already looking forward to the awesome contests I heard so much about.

    Don't be fooled by all the pictures on my Flickr..I'm also a member of BeLUG..

    Maybe we'll meet eachother at one of the many international events I tend to visit!



    PS: my German sucks, so I'll google translate everything or let my hubby read and make it understandable..