Greetings from Slovenia!

  • Hi all!

    First I'm sorry, that I'm writing in English, but I don't speak German. Well, English is also not so good, but I can write a sentence or two... :)

    Don't bother to write me back in English (no problem, If you like). You can write in German and I'll "Google" translate it, hoping I got the right text.

    I also hope, that you don't mind If I answer back or comment in English instead in German. ;)

    This past weekend I was with my friends in Bricking Bavaria exhibition, where I met a few nice guys from your LUG. So I decide to join your forum and If I have some MOCs to show, I'll post the pictures with some text.

    If you have any questions about me, please just ask. :)

    Greetings from Slovenia.


  • Hey Gregor, I'm very happy to see new members here from a complete different country. :D
    I mean, most registrations we get, are from countries, with the native language german. It's unusual, that we get new members from countries, with another native tongue. All in all, I'm very happy to see people here from different directions. Makes this more international and stuff. :DDDD
    Don't bother, writing in English, I bet everyone here is able to understand what you're writing and the language shouldn't be a problem to get in touch with us here at all. :)

    Well, I'm also really excited about seeing your mocs, and maybe someday we'll see each other in reallifeon an event like ... idk. 8o

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Gregor,

    welcome on RogueBricks. Nice to have you here on this platform. The language isn't a problem at all, the most of us are able to speak and understand English. And if you are going to international exhibitions English is the language you need.

    I am really looking forward to see some of your MOCs.

    Unfortunately I couldn't come to Bricking Bavaria, so we did not meet. BUT: There is a future. :) Maybe you can come to one of the Rogue@home meetings in Salzburg. MstrOfPppts also came one time and it was a real pleasure.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  • Hi Gregor,

    It was great getting to know you and chatting with you in Munich. I was quite positively suprised when I got home and saw that we had a new member from Slovenia :) Welcome!

    I can see you already made yourself at home showcasing your various WWII MOCs. Thats a first here, I believe, and they harbour some great techniques! Usually a rare theme in German communities yours are made with great care and are certainly enriching for RogueBricks :)

    Looking forward to meeting you in real life again soon, either at KockeFest or maybe at one of our Rogue@Homes in Austria?

    All the best and please do enjoy your time here :)


  • Hello and Welcome Gregor!

    It's nice to know that we could recruit some new members on Bricking Bavaria, even international ones.

    Your Mocs make a great addition to our Forum. Especially since, as rolli said, there's not a lot of WW2 being built and presented on here, so that's great. I personally actually really enjoy seeing some WW2 Mocs here and there ;)

    I think we haven't met at BB but there's always a next time :D

    Best regards, Manu

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