Slumbering Giant

  • It took me most of the week to decide what to build, but eventually I settled on the idea of a moss covered stone golem. Taking some influence from a variety of things: Rock Monsters in the Power Miners theme, earth golem concept art online, our previous Titan Tot builds, and the Veggietales Rock Monsters from The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

    I wanted him to be able to 'awake' from looking like a normal boulder to a lumbering golem and am very happy that it worked out. Besides the transforming function I spent the most time on his head trying to capture an appropriately craggy expression.


    For the first time I used fewer than 101 elements! Just 86 if counting the flowers on a sprue as a single part, or 98 if considering each flower separate.


    Couple more images available on Brickbuilt.

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