Hello! I am a newbee here!

  • Hello, everyone!

    I am from Korea.

    I enjoy building small and cute LEGO transformers and making stop motion animation videos using my LEGO MOCs.

    But I am a AFOL.

    So I don't have enough time to enjoy building LEGO.

    I have to do extra work almost everyday.

    It makes me really sad.

    One more sad thing, there is no one who enjoy LEGO bricks around me. :(

    So I'd like to share my MOCs with you here. :)

    I hope you enjoy my buildings.


  • Hi LoveMiniLEGO

    a warm welcome to you!

    I guess you are right now the member with the farest distance to our community (if I would pick out the middle of Germany as our homebase). :)

    I also guess that a lot here would like to now something more about you (How long are you an AFOL? What is your facorite theme? ...) or about the LEGO scene in Korea (How are the organized? Where do you het your bricks? ...). You wrote that there are not so many AFOLs around you - do the have also online communities there?

    I hope you will show us some of your MOCs in the future! We all love to see MOCs. Even if they are small or microscale. To build is - for me - always a real good way of cooling down after a hard day of work. Sometimes I also don’t have the time to build every day or even in a whole week. ||

    May I ask if you have also a flickr/ insta - account?

    Greetings from the Netherlands!


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