• Hi Rogues,

    I'm Synbiote, or at least so it says in my profile. Some of you I've met and some of you I am going to meet. And I'm sure there will be some who i'd love to meet!

    I've been an active AFOL for 5 or so years now.. Came out of the dark ages because someone bought me an ARC 170(is it 170?) Starfighter for my birthday (it seems it was the second version, and I'm looking at you, Isendra ). After a few years of just building one or 2 Star Wars sets a year, I discovered the winter village and modular houses and wanted to start moc'ing.

    Time-lapse.... Now I'm the RLUG Ambassador for BeLUG, have been to a few events in the EU and beyond and got to know some amazing builders. And if time and Isendra is going to allow it.. I might share some MOCs, do some contests which I've heard so much about and get to know more people!

    So if there are any questions or remarks.. Please feel free to share..

    Ow yeah.. I also live in Belgium.. And if you wanna say hi... I'll be at På Kloss Hold in Norway, Paredes de Cour Fanweekend in Portugal, Eurobricks Event in Denmark, Skaerbaek Fanweekend in Denmark, Brick Mania Antwerpen in Belgium and who knows what the end of the year will bring. 😁

  • Hi Synbiote ;)

    Last seen on sunday evening my friend and still happy that you and Isendra were here.

    First we met in Skærbæk 2016 and it was such a pleasure to meet you there - and of course the Belgium chocolate :*

    Very happy that we have such a friendship now and that your my brickmate on LAN.

    Have fun here here at RogueBricks. And if you have questions...you can contact me ;)



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